Cabling System Cabling System

With many years of experience in the cable industry, GES is a provider of the highest quality wire and cable products and system solutions that meet different standards in many countries. Our customer base spans the globe, working in all areas of the energy, industrial, specialty, and communications markets.

We value our partners and create a unique mix of products, technologies and services that makes GES strong and important to customers. We cooperate with Nexans (Yanggu) and other world-famous brands to provide our customers the best quality products such as:

  • Bare Connectors
  • High, Medium, and Low Voltage Cable
  • Control and Intrument Cable
  • Fiber Optic and Other Special Cable
  • Cable Accessories
  • Fire Stop Materials

Raceway System Raceway System

In the electrical wiring of buildings, a cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. Cable trays are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems, and are commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction. They are especially useful in situations where changes to a wiring system are anticipated, since new cables can be installed by laying them in the tray, instead of pulling them through a pipe. We cooperate with Unistrut, the inventor of the popular metal framing system in electrical and metal support solutions, to provide reliable support in the project.

  • Conduit and Fittings
  • Cable Tray
  • Cable Ladder
  • Channel
  • Fittings and Supports
  • Clamps and Accessories

Lightning and Grounding System Lightning and Grounding System

Lightning protection and grounding is divided into two concepts, one is lightning protection to prevent damage caused by lightning strikes; the other is electrostatic grounding to prevent
static electricity from harm. With the increasing application of cathodic protection, the
protection effect of more and more people has attracted people’s attention. GES offers various lightning protection and grounding solutions for our clients.

  • Grounding Conductors and Grounding Rods
  • Exothermic Welding
  • Connectors and Clamps
  • Grounding Accessories
  • High and Medium Voltage Protection
  • Main and Sub Panel Protection
  • Air Terminals
  • Bases and Accessories

Lighting System Lighting System

Light can fulfill a wide range of different functions and purposes in industry. Efficient lighting can enhance productivity and significantly reduce your energy costs. When you can see more clearly, you can also concentrate more effectively, eliminate errors and ultimately be more efficient. At the same time, it is important not to lose sight of the operating costs despite any potential optimization of productivity.

GES offers various innovative lighting solutions to be sure your project is properly and efficiently lit. We aim to satisfy both requirements in order to improve quality, productivity and safety.

  • LED Light
  • High Bay Light
  • Explosion-Proof Light
  • Waterproof & Dustproof Light
  • Intelligent Light System

Distribution Panelboard Distribution Panelboard

A distribution board (also known as panelboard, breaker panel, or electric panel) is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. As energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing solutions provider for distribution engineering systems, GES integrates the design and production optimization of distribution, electronic control system and scheme, and provides packaged solutions for clients.

  • Distribution Lighting Box
  • Maintenance of Socket Box
  • Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet
  • Motive Electricity Cabinet
  • Low Voltage Switch Cabinet